Sunday, March 3, 2013

Starting from Scratch

It has been forever since I have been out here to blog- one of the reasons being that last year was volatile to say the least. One of the things that happened is that I got laid off from the bank again.  This seems to be a recurring theme for anyone with a banking career.  As it turns out, they sold my department off to another bank which allowed me to keep my job.  On the down side, my job relocated to Jacksonville, FL and I left all my brother and all my friends behind.

It took a while but mostly I am done feeling sorry for myself about it.  After things calmed down a bit, I noticed that I didn't really get any quilting done at all last year.  My brother did get me started on drawing with pastels, and I did manage to get some of those pictures completed.  But no quilts.

So this year I am planning on getting things done.  Hopefully I will manage to get it all out here where you can see it and I can keep track of it better. I am sort of cheating to start off with- about the time of my last blog, Mom acquired a long-arm quilting machine.  It had some issues getting started which seem to be sorted out now.  So I have sent her a pile of quilt tops to practice on.  Do you suppose it is cheating getting your UFOs done if you assign the work to someone else?

This scrap quilt is made from the 4-patch swap blocks that I made with my Binding Friends quilt group in 2008.  I guess it is taking me a little while to get some of these done.  I think the alternate pinwheels were the spare blocks that I made for the 2010 APQ online group.  Anyway, mom quilted this for me and I just recently got the binding and label on it.

I updated my Embird embroidery software to get the label done.  I hate making labels, but if you put all that work into a quilt then I think you should put a really good label on it.

So that would be the first quilt completed for the year.


  1. It seems the older we get, the more topsy-turvy life becomes!

    I'm glad you've got things sorted out, and that quilt is wonderful!!

  2. Glad to see you back in blogland! But sorry about you having to move, etc. etc. However, it looks like you have adjusted well and, hey, who wouldn't have their Mom do the quilting if she had a long arm machine! Wow! That is neat! I love your scrappy quilt - in fact I have that pattern sitting on my side table thinking it would be a good leader/ender scrap project to start on. It might not get started on for quite a while, though as I am trying to get some UFOs finished this year. Hope you keep on with the quilting!

  3. Not cheating as far as I'm concerned! The quilt is beautiful!

  4. Welcome back! I'm sorry the past year has been topsy turvy, but wish you all the best with the fresh start. As for the UFOs, as long as they get finished who's going to complain? I'm sure that lovely scrap quilt is much cozier than an unquilted top!

  5. Welcome back, Theri! I missed you so much! Having your mom quilt for you is not cheating! How many quilters send out their work for a stranger to quilt? Love that quilt and Ruth is correct, it would make a great leader-ender! Welcome back!


  6. Welcome back! I hope for a while you're settled again and no more upsets with the job. And Floria is generally warm, right? So it can't ALL be bad! The quilt looks great and NO it is DEFINITELY not cheating to have someone else quilt a quilt. If that were the case, there would be a LLLLLLOOOOOOTTTTTT more UFOs out there! I hope you'll be back more often - we'll be watching!

  7. So happy to hear from you!!! I am undertaking a move right now, so I understand how much that impacts all of your other activities.
    Love your big beautiful scrappy quilt. And no it is not cheating to have a long armer do the quilting. How is your Mom? Miss her too.
    Glad to have you back blogging.
    Happy stitching.

  8. It's so good to hear from you again! I've missed seeing your work, particularly your birds! Your quilt is very pretty. If sending quilt tops out to be quilted by someone else is cheating, I'm going to have to answer a lot of questions someday! Besides that, I'd have a lot of UFO's stacked up! People who own those big machines surely must have to pay for them some way, so why not contribute to the cause? (except your mom, maybe; I'm sure she's happy to do yours for you!). I hope when she reads your blog, she will realize that we all miss her too, and that she will join in with us again. ---"Love"

  9. It is great to hear from you again! Sounds like life has been really busy! Hope you are making lots of new friends and getting settled. Your quilt is wonderful, I love the extra pinwheels in there. I've been wondering about your Mom, too. Let her know we would love to hear from her again, too. Don't wait too long to post again, we love hearing from you and seeing your beautiful quilts!

  10. It's great to have you back Theri! I remember the post where you had made up the blocks for this quilt. It has turned out so well and you are lucky that your mum can quilt them for you. The label is fantastic! Keep in touch as we have missed you.

  11. Yeah you are back!!! Missed you. Will let Binding Friends know you are back on-line.
    Karen G.

  12. Love the quilt & the label! Guess I need to get mine done.....let's see, where did I carefully store my blocks......
    And, having Mom quilt it even makes it more special!
    We sure miss you at BF. Hope you get into another group soon, but just don't forget us.