Friday, April 12, 2013

An Art-i-ful Weekend

Been having a little upload difficulty with my camera which I have finally straightened out.  I have a wonderful Eye-Fi memory card in my camera.  This allows the new pictures taken on the camera (assuming you have Wi-Fi in the house and the camera and computer turned on) to automatically upload to the computer.  It also has a feature which will allow your pictures to upload to the internet if you have it set correctly.  (This has got to be one of my favorite inventions ever.)  My issue was that I had so many pictures that I had been taking that the loading of the pictures to the internet had backed up so far as to be completely clogged.

Brother Dave came to visit me last weekend- you know he has been coveting the scenery and the art scene that I have here in Jacksonville.  So Friday night we went down to the Artwalk in St. Augustine and had a wonderful time.  Saw lots of artwork- some that was great and some was what I would stick in the "crafty" category.  We finally got dinner at Harry's around 8pm and I froze sitting on the patio, but the food was great.

Saturday was plein art day with the pastel folks.  I have a great time doing this and I love talking to these people, but my pictures out in the wild do not turn out very well.  If only that darned sun would hold still.  I guess at some point I will be faster and these will turn out better.  I also think that I am looking too far away, maybe I need to change my focus to the 20 feet in front of me.  I've probably done less than a dozen of these outdoor paintings so far, and they always fall a little short for me.  Well, I will keep practicing.

This is my painting of the lake:

And this is Dave's:

His pictures are much more consistent than mine at this point (of course, he has done more) and he has a cool kind of giant stylized pointillism emerging.

Sunday we ran around to the arboretum and Hanna Park and the beach so Dave could get a bunch of photos to take home..... He has already given me instructions to get some more wave pictures "in different light".  So I guess his next series will be of the ocean waves....


  1. Wow. Looks good to me. Sounds like you two had a great time. Hope we get to see some 'wave' pictures.

  2. Love to see your art work! I can do paint by number but that's about it! ! ! Sounds like you had a great time with your brother during his visit. Maybe the beach will lure him back more often. Can't wait to see more.

  3. I like them both - especially since I can't draw a stick figure! Imagine turning them into quilts.

  4. I'm with Ann and Marsha...if I tried that, mine would look like mush. They look great! I wish it was warm enough to sit on the patio here, but today it's snowing. A little late for April Fool's...

  5. I can't do flat, Theri. Kudos to you and your brother!