Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Highest Priority UFO's...

Mom has been cleaning and organizing her sewing rooms (yes, multiple spaces!) so I have been inspired to update my UFO list.  This is not actually the WHOLE list- last I checked there were almost 40 projects on there- but these qualify as the ones most likely to get worked on in the next year or so.

I keep my photos of the quilts I am working on tacked to a cork board in the sewing room.  I had tried keeping a written list, but kept forgetting what I had named the different quilts.  Some of them ended up with a couple of names.  And let's face it- a picture in my face is much more likely to get me to work on something than a list written on a piece of paper.

The quilts on the left are completed tops that have been sent off to mom for quilting.  From conversations we have had, I think I have a shot at getting her to work on the top two but it doesn't sound like she is to excited about the bottom half of the list.  Maybe I have sent her too many?  It's not like she wants to work on her own quilts or anything....  I may end up going home and quilting these myself.

The next dozen are the ones that are probably most likely to be worked on...

1.  Sierra- the red tail hawk which you have all seen.
2.  Long Road Home- a Bonnie Blue quilt stitched by Karen G which needs binding and a label.
3.  Ladies of the Sea-  a Susan Garman pattern which is more applique of pirate ships
4. Granite Family quilt- my dad's family was involved in the granite industry in the northeast.  I have designed a couple of blocks for this potential quilt.  The Babcock Smith Museum put out a book (and the newspaper ran stories) about the granite industry which I found quite interesting. 
5.  Chocolate Stars-  kit purchased at the Dallas Quilt Show.
6. Crossroads- another Bonnie Blue quilt. (Karen G, you are a BAD influence!)
7. Streak of Lightning- from an old Fons & Porter magazine.
8.  Mini quilt I started a couple of years ago when the amazing lady that was making the compass rose quilts won in Dallas.
9. The original background for that #2 quilt in mom's pile was supposed to be this red and black combo.  I changed out the colors, but didn't want to waste the already sewn together half square triangles so bought this stack of beiges to go with them. (Right, like they would go to waste!)
10. Series of 4 "The Moon and Me" tops which are 8 X 10 each.
11.  Poinsettia Quilt Basket- Karen England paper piecing pattern.
12. The Unblue Too.

I think that you should know that even if I win the lottery tomorrow there is no way I will get all of the quilts on my list done before I die.... and I am still planning on living 'til I am 100 years old.


  1. Your "list" of pictures is a goal and it is always easier to get to the end with a plan, so you are on your way! Good luck with all of these. I always have more ideas than I can possibly finish, but it is fun dreaming!

  2. Mind-blowing Theri. I couldn't keep track of 40 projects. The cork board is a good idea though. Can't understand why your mum isn't champing at the bit to quilt everything you've sent her. Wouldn't want her skills to rust up now would we?

    1. Lol. I don't think it is her skills that are rusting....

  3. The cork board idea is a fantastic one, but I have a hard enough time remembering to print photos of FINISHED quilts to put in a scrapbook...unfinished projects? Oh dear, but I'll let the idea simmer and maybe you'll see my version one of these days. Good luck getting it all done. If I live to be 1,000 I don't think I'll get all the quilts made I'd like to make! (We're not going to talk about those that aren't finished, okay?)

  4. I love the idea of pictures of UFOs. I make lists, but that doesn't really put any pressure on me to get them done. LOL.
    I can't wait to see them as you get them finished. Say Hi to your Mom. Miss her posting.

  5. So glad you are back in the swing of things ;) Now I just have to figure out how I can be a BAD INFLUENCE on you when I am in Texas and you are in Florida! There's got to be a way ;) LOL
    Karen G.

  6. That photo display is a great idea to stay focused! I need to try it, but like Katie, I'm behind on printing pictures of finished quilts! I failed to comment on your birds and pastel paintings, but I was very impressed by all of them! Glad you are showing us your beautiful work again.
    I've been following an eagle nest on Catalina Island with three babies since April 6, and everytime I see them, I'm reminded of your birds. You might find the site interesting. The three eaglets were tagged and banded today, and I got to watch. What fun! They haven't flown from the nest yet. You can watch them at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Sdkwsw2Ji0 . Both the parents are magnificent, and take turns bringing in fish! --"Love"