Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Moon Moves Me

So I have a bunch of things that are piling up that I keep meaning to write about.... I am going to start with B & G's quilt, as they received it this week and will no longer "accidentally" see it in a post-  This is the Moon Moves Me.

There's no place big enough to spread out a quilt in this house that has good light. I tried doing this out on the porch, but the light is not very good to be getting a good quilt picture.

A close up along the side...  nice flowing quilt pattern that mom picked out.

Here are a couple of the blocks-  I like the way the pattern of both the quilt and the stitching look like ocean waves.  My friends have (until recently) always lived near the sea, so this is really appropriate for them.

I made this quilt a bit bigger as my friends have animals that hog the covers, too. I always hate getting that draft up my backside.  This quilt ended up being 112". The back is pretty basic and boring, but found a place online that sells 118" backs which can be found here Backside Fabrics.  (I've been having them ship directly to mom!) If you decide to try them, note that one of the selvedges is 1 1/2 wide so you are not quite getting the whole width of the fabric.

This is my label.  I like these fancy labels, but they take about half a day or more to make.   The green frame of the label is stitched on two fabrics (white on bottom) and the top layer of green striped batik cut out when done.  Then the rest of the lettering is embroidered.  I guess if you spend all those hours making a quilt, you should put a good label on it and not resent the time it takes to make that label.
Might still have to work on that a bit....  I'd rather be quilting than making a label.

So that is two quilts done for the year!


  1. This is truly a work of art. So nice that you made it and gave it away. I agree that such a piece is worthy of a quality label like you made. Congrats on getting it finished. My sister-in-law has about 40 plus quilt tops etc. unfinished.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! You and your Mom make a great team. Love the label too. What is your next project?
    Karen G.

  3. Beautiful beautiful quilt! :-)

  4. Awesome, Theri, just awesome!


  5. Beautiful quilt. I like the idea of making it larger to share with the animals! (And now I'm going to check out that backing fabric link you shared!)

  6. A spectacular quilt Theri! I love the blocks, colours and quilting pattern. The backing fabric reminds me of sea glass. Your friends are fortunate indeed.

  7. That is just amazing. The colors really do look so beachy and restful. The quilting is awesome. I am sure that they love it.