Sunday, August 11, 2013

And more feathers....

Took the eye-blinding star off to a local long arm quilter- we will see how they do with it. Picked out a couple of templates and some orange thread and am leaving the rest of it up to them.

So back to the appliqué of these interminable feathers. Could I pick a slower hobby, or what?

Spent about 12 hours this weekend putting together another section of wing-

See the bottom five feathers on the right? That is my big accomplishment!


  1. I can't imagine having that much patience! Amazing!

  2. I know it will be absolutely stunning!
    Karen G.

  3. I'd say that's quite an accomplishment! I couldn't do that in 12 days. Can't wait to see the finish!
    I just have to ask if you by chance watched the eagles' nest on Catalina Island this summer, streaming live? You would have loved watching those magnificent eagles raise three babies! ---"Love"

  4. Maybe so, but it really looks like feathers!