Sunday, October 11, 2015

Making Things Complicated

So- at a time when things are at their most busy and complicated in my life, I have chosen to make the most amazing and complicated quilt. Go figure.  But this one is for mom, who is basically the queen of precision piecing. The quilt that I picked out for her is Mary Ann Keathley's Hidden Circles quilt (1989). I found it in Leisure Arts Great American Quilts 1993 book.

I have been looking at this quilt and have been putting off making it for a number of years now.  The problem is the instructions are pretty generic and I don't see any way to assemble this without piecing it together by hand.  So I have cobbled together a procedure that I hope is going to work.  First, the little triangles are paper pieced. Then I put together a template on a piece of scrap canvas that was used to build my ironing table. Each piece of the block is cut, clipped and the edges ironed over like my birds have been built.  Then I glue the pieces together on the canvas template and sew them using a decorative top stitch.

And you know I absolutely cannot follow instructions... So my quilt is not set on point, is not oval shaped and there is no appliqué on it. Also, I have changed those four sort of triangular pieces in the center of the template so that there is a secondary pattern of blocks behind the circles. Because what this quilt needs is to be MORE complicated. (Yeah, right!)

So here is my first block-

Luckily, this quilt only needs to be twin sized so there are only 29 left to go...


  1. You seem to have found a method that works. It is going to be lovely!

  2. That is a gorgeous quilt pattern and picture. With your artistic ability, your quilt will be just as beautiful! Just take your time and don't stress. Your mom will love it! ---"Love"

  3. That's an amazing quilt and I'm sure you will get it done - just one step at a time!

  4. If anybody was going to figure it out Theri you're the girl. I'd be running for the hills by now. Way too tricky for me. Your first block looks terrific and it's going to be an fantastic quilt. You've always struck me as someone who needs a challenge, something with complexity that stretches you.