Sunday, January 21, 2018


This is mom’s version of Sue Daurio’s Lori Squarepants quilt... this is the first time I have designed the digitized patterns.  This is the last mom quilt in the “to do” pile!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Finishing things

Okay, already falling behind on the blog posting....

Have a couple of smaller size quilts from mom that I have finished since my last post. The first one she didn't even remember sending... I expect she got one of those fancy rulers and this turned in to a side project. I put three kinds of templates that I had on this and I love how it turned out.

This is the second one- I put a pantograph on this one. I seem to need to get my head straightened out about how to do pantos. I seem to want to line up the panto with the quilt blocks; what I need to do is just make a pan to that covers the ENTIRE Surface of the quilt. I lined up this one and I don't think it goes far enough over the edges.

Do you think my mom likes bright colored quilts?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Cleaning the Quilt Room

Having been out of town and then sick for a week, my house is desperately in need of cleaning.  I started off OK- doing general cleanup, loading the dishwasher and the like but soon meandered off the path and started cleaning the sewing room.  (My justification being that tomorrow for Halloween the front door will be open and everybody will be able to see in there...). Soon I started opening drawers and peering into boxes, which is always a big mistake.  I have so many UFOs that I can’t even begin to count them.  It is fortunate (or maybe not) that there is an IKEA opening in Jacksonville next month- I have already planned on adding a couple of bookcases for more storage.  When the longarm arrived last year, the Pod was filled with boxes of attachements and supplies and I have still not managed to integrate it all into my sewing space.  

Maybe I can eventually get all of it into one room.  

Anyway, one of the things I discovered was a “miscellaneous” box.  Apparently I have been saving all sorts of test and blocks that I have accumulated from different places.  I thought I would paste them up on the wall to see if I had any ideas about using them come to mind.