Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finishing up

Got my little quilt done last week and turned it in. Was terribly disappointed in the results. The instructions I had been given were terribly unclear and when I visited the sponsoring shop for finishing up supplies, they told me to turn it in as soon as possible. So I finished it up on the weekend and turned it in on Sunday. On Tuesday night, the meeting that I thought was supposed to be the turning in point was actually the completion of the event.  So my hexagon quilt was only up for two days instead of the whole time. Guess it is a good thing I like the way the quilt turned out, as the rest of the experience was a bummer.

In the interest of getting this done and turned in, I put a machine-sewed binding on this. I never do this and I don't think I did a very good job of it.   I think I may rip it out and sew it back by hand.

The other project I have been working on is teaching myself to knit in two colors. This would be fairly simple if you are always on the same side, but brilliantly I decided to knit a scarf. When you have multiple stitches of the same color the other color has to be anchored under the stitches.  Otherwise there are long strings on the back that are exceptional at catching on things.  So one side is easy and the return (purl) side is a little trickier.  My dad dreads February, so I made this as a present for him.  He finally got it yesterday, so I can post the pics now.

See my ducky dad? That is a duck on his scarf... And yes, dorkism runs in the family!